Manufacturer of Metal Air Filters, Frames and Housings since 1986
Manufacturer of Metal Air Filters,
Frames and Housings since 1986
AMFCO sells its products to OEMs and aftermarket resellers within the HVAC industry. We are active members of various trade and buying groups and support our trade partners in all phases of distribution.

Trade Associations and Buying Groups

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Original Equipment Manufacturers

OEMs of HVAC equipment for indoor and outdoor applications, food and beverage machines, farming and food processing equipment, military equipment, government installations and other highly specialized customers who need specific filters for custom applications. 

Appliance Parts Distributors

We are active members of and buying groups and primarily supply OEM replacement range hood filters and microwave oven filters.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Distributors

金泰娱乐We sell through regional and national MRO distributors a supply of grease mesh filters for range hoods as well as charcoal odor filters for microwave ovens. 

HVAC Wholesalers

We are active members in  and supply HVAC Wholesalers all over the country OEM replacement economizer screens and custom metal mesh filters. 

Air Filter Distributors and Manufacturers

We are active members of  and supply custom premanent air filters as well as pad-holding frames, HEPA holding frames and filter housings. 

On-line Resellers

We supply warehouses with stock filters as well as provide direct fulfillment for on-line resellers. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help grow your on-line business.

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